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As a school going kid, you are overloaded with studies throughout your academic year. And exam time makes the situation worse for you. You need to write the exam so as to obtain good results and satisfaction for teachers, friends and parents. Exam stress is not just empty words created by someone to scare you. Whether you are a brilliant or a mediocre student, you get stressed during exam times. Here are some of the things you can do to keep cool during this exam season.

Sleep Sufficiently – In order to keep the mind alert during the exam, you must sleep on a regular 8 hours a night.

Eat right – You need to follow a balanced diet during exams. It will get you the physical strength to write well in the exam paper.

No tea or coffee – Stay away from coffee or tea. Most students take them so as to keep awake during exam times. However, these beverages affect your ability to think. It can make the situation even worse.

Go out to Play – Do not skip playing or hanging out with friends completely. Devote time to each activity as per the requirement. If you get distracted by too much talking or playing out with friends, limit it. Instead go for a small walk

Listen to Music – Music freshens up your mind and soul. Listen to your favorite songs to get refreshed.

Review the Major Issues – From each chapter, highlight important points that you can learn during the exam without going through the text.

Think Positively – Think positive. Positive thinking boosts confidence and your capacity to perform better.

Be an Exam Ready – You need to keep writing materials, such as pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, etc. correctly in your bag. You will not get the voltage that occurs when you forget their belongings at home on the day of the exam.

Take exams positively. Your teachers hold them to assess your knowledge and learnings. Exams are for you. Do well and be the STAR!!!