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Digital Fortress

The Story is about ‘How the Head of an underground Security Agency (NSA) loses his Mind while chasing an unbreakable Code Algorithm only to find that it was all a Trap set by Mr. Ensei Tankado to make the Agency reveal their Machine that breaks into Public emails & other Private things.

Mr. Ensei Tankado traps the NSA by making them believe that he has developed an impossible algorithm which can’t be broken even by TRANSLTR (The Machine NSA uses to break into computers, emails all over the world).

Ensei Tankado is murdered by NSA’s Commander Strathmore and the assassin Strathmore has hired is not able to get him the Passkey. Strathmore sends Mr. David, who’s a Teacher, to Spain to get him the Passkey.

David is boyfriend of Miss Susan Fletcher who is a Cryptographer at NSA. Actually Strathmore has always been in love with Miss Susan. Now Strathmore plays a “Single-Arrow & Two-Hits” game. He’ll get the passkey & will eliminate Mr. David, thinking Susan will be all his after death of her boyfriend.

So much happens inside NSA that Strathmore has to kill two of Sys-Secs, Mr. Greg Hale & Mr. Phil Chatrukian. Both of them had tried to destroy Strathmore’s dream.

Rest is the story about how David gets the passkey, how he keeps himself from getting killed by Strathmore’s hired assassin. And how Susan gets to know all of Strathmore’s secret plans…
At Last how Susan & David help NSA save their Databank from Mr. Tankado’s Virus.

Well, let me say, it’s a great Love Story 🙂