The people between the borders
Yes, that’s who we are
We like to think our minds are piercing and probing
But they really can’t wander that far

Because we’re stuck between the borders
Like the pages inside of a book
We race from cover to cover
But that’s as far as we’re able to look

We live in a bubble of space and time
Without knowing what lies beyond
Just floating and bobbing at the end of our line
While time moves relentlessly on

As we float along in the river of now
Wondering when it began and will end
It’s a good idea to let your head bow
And to utter an occasional amen

We may not know where space ends
Or what’s on the other side
But we know we know not how to untie the knot
And that the answers don’t lie here inside

A mystery of power and loving grace
Brings truth for all who are willing to face
That our limited minds can’t alone the path trod
Beyond the borders to the invisible God

By John Richardson