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Evil, what is it, do you really know?
They say it’s bad and harmful but is that its only goal?
If it serves no greater purpose in this universe of ours
Then why does God allow it with all his omnipotent powers?

Is evil really just a marker of free will?
Or is it an agent of change come the status quo to kill?
Is it a blackness that blights the human heart as it causes pain and scars?
Or is it just the darkness that allows us to see the stars?

It is a catalyst that causes a chain reaction?
Or a sinful fall from grace that causes good’s redaction?
Does it light the way of angels so they know where not to go?
Or is it just God’s shadow and the shadow of the good God has bestowed?

Is it some sort of test to help God select just the best?
Or a form of discipline like cracking knuckles on a desk?
If God has found evil necessary it must be part of human destiny
And an important lesson for us to learn while we’re still here at God’s knee

~ John Richardson Admin At Poetry Light